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Privacy Policy

This website ensures to protect the privacy of users and abides to all federal laws that uphold users privacy.  Any personal detail explicitly provided and site interaction by the users are not passed on to any third parties.

But for tailored user experience within the website, it uses cookies to track and store details of users interaction and usage.  However, they can allow or disallow the cookie control system on their device or computer in accordance with the recent laws requiring websites to ask for users’ explicit consent.

Users who disallow the use of cookies from this website and its external vendors should take the necessary steps such as changing the security settings of their web browsers.

While cookies may be stored to computer hard drive for a better user experience and quick access to sponsored links and referral programs, they typically expire after 30 days or sometimes longer.  Nevertheless, the cookie control system does not collect, save, store, or sell personal information.

Any personal information explicitly provided by users is kept private and secured as the website has made every effort, to the best of its ability, to ensure a safe email submission process.

Personal details and interaction/usage of this website will be used to assist users to access email newsletter programs, referrals, and links, but only with their explicit consent stated by their submitted email form.  Previously purchased products or previous inquiries about them made by users are also utilized to provide them relevant email newsletters as long as an expressed permission is granted.